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Are you ready to join the Charmed Chicken Club?

Don't be chicken. Let's do yoga (and more!)


When you join the Charmed Chicken Club you gain more than just yoga classes. You’ll gain access to so much more including monthly challenges, meditation sessions, additional episodes of Coop Dharma (my vlog), and who knows what else I’ll add.


I’m Mary Caelsto, a transformative spiritual coach, and my goal is to bring peace and clarity to those struggling with life’s challenges. I believe yoga is for EVERY body. I also believe as a spiritual entrepreneur, with lived experience as a nonbinary individual facing chronic illness, it’s time to cut the crap and get to the truth. You’re too busy for anything else!


When you join the Charmed Chicken Club, you’ll receive accessible yoga sequences designed with the wonderful diversity of human bodies in mind. Join me right now for only $5 for your first 30 days. Then, it will renew thereafter at $10/month for VIP membership. (Save 60% off regular pricing during this launch special.)

Join Today. Check out our sliding scale pricing.

What’s In The Club?


Gentle Yoga Flows

Chair/Bed Yoga

Meditation Sessions

Monthly Themes

Spiritual Circles

and more…