Feel like the current models of wellness don't work for you?

Are you looking for accessible wellness that uplifts, inspires, and meets you where you are?


The Chicken Yogi Wellness Club is more than yoga, though yoga is a part of my wellness practice. The club is also more than meditation. It’s a fusion of supportive wellness that understands your life and encourages you to take a journey of self-discovery with a safe, trauma-informed practice.


That’s right the Chicken Yogi Wellness Club is designed for anyone who doesn’t fit into “status quo wellness”, but especially for neurodivergent and/or chronically ill individuals. Because let’s be honest. Most yoga and wellness spaces aren’t designed for us.


The Club is a welcoming space for those who don’t seem to fit into the neat boxes the wellness industry uses. We welcome all bodies, but especially those who are chronically ill and/or neurodivergent without gatekeeping. It’s virtual. Go at your own pace, participate how and when you want. No pressure.


I believe wellness is for EVERY body. I also believe and especially because of my lived experience as a nonbinary neurodivergent individual dealing with disability and chronic illness, that it is really time to speak our truth into the world, and especially in the “wellness space”. We’re here and we deserve the same benefits from health and wellness as everyone else.


When you become a founding member of the Chicken Yogi Wellness Club you’ll lock in a special low rate for full benefits FOR LIFE. This is my special thank you for being here from the beginning. Spaces in this membership are limited so JOIN TODAY.

Join Today. Choose Your Membership Journey.

What’s In The Club?


Gentle Yoga Flows

Chair/Bed Yoga

Meditation Sessions

Monthly Journeys

Wellness Circles

and more…


Before you go...

I don't want you to miss out on the community here, not to mention the periodic free gifts I'll be providing. Make sure you sign up for a free community membership before you go.
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