Gentle Yoga for EVERY Body

A fusion of styles designed for the novice, the inflexible, or anyone looking for a gentle crow & flow


I get it. Looking at some yoga classes can be hella intimidating. You’re not a pretzel; you love to eat them! Whether you’re new to yoga, facing mobility or health challenges, or simply looking to take it slow, you’re in the right place. I teach in a fusion of styles to provide an easy way to begin or continue your practice.

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Accessible Asana

I don’t want you to be intimated. If you’re new to yoga or dealing with mobility challenges or health issues that impact your movement, you are welcome to join us. Poses and transitions are designed to flow smoothly from one to another with gentle flow. Whether you’re easing into a pose or fully expressing it within your body, you’re welcome here.

Yoga for EVERY Body

Yoga designed for everyone, no matter what level you’re working at. Whatever your body shape or size, you’re welcome here and my goal is to present a practice that will build your confidence. All are welcome.

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