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There are no live classes scheduled at this time.


We will be posting new videos each week which will follow the below themes. If you are interested in live classes, please also go to FAQ & Support above and send us a message with your interest in classes and what time(s) may work best for you. Thank you.

Gentle Yoga

Once a week we have a gentle yoga fusion session centered around at theme. One week we’ll work on standing poses. The next we might highlight a specific part of the body or specific concept.

Chair Yoga

Once a week we’ll do a live class on chair yoga. This isn’t confined to chairs and will work for bed yoga as well. If mobility is a challenge, or you deal with chronic pain, being able to move in a seated or lying position will help. Occupational Therapists stress “bed mobility” for senior citizens and other people who spend a lot of time in a reclined position.

Meditation Sessions

You’ll also gain access to weekly meditation sessions. Follow a progression of breathwork, body focus, and full meditations including mindfulness and guided meditations. Gain a measure of calm every week and have a practice to keep you grounded and focused.


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