Meditation Sessions

Clarity and inner peace, even when you think you don't have the time.


When you join the club, you’ll gain access to prerecorded meditation sessions. The length ranges from 5-30 minutes or even longer. Find one that fits the time you have and try it. Start short and move to longer ones. Enjoy the meditations and seek some calm.

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Breathwork and Focus

 Start with the basics by focusing on your breath. Activate your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) to mitigate the day’s stresses. Relax and unwind in as little as five minutes.

Guided Meditations

Take a journey without leaving your chair. Use guided meditations to access your subconscious or simply use relaxing visualization. With guided meditations you can work with your chakras, cultivate your own peace, and tap into inner wisdom and knowledge.

Mindful Meditation

 Become aware of your thoughts. Learn to focus them or let them go. You are not your thoughts, and yet too often we think we are. Discover the gentle art of detachment and the power that comes from mastering your mind.

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Gain unlimited access to recorded yoga and meditation sessions, plus join our monthly challenges. Right now get 30 days for just $5, then $10/month after (save 60% each month!) Are you ready? Let's go. The doors are open and come join the Charmed Chicken Club.